storms of time  •


Travel to a distant plain, battling both good and evil in a clash for power.
Choose one of many classes - practice the arcane art of dark magic, become a supreme warrior, a healer of broken bodies, a mighty battle lord - become what you dream. You can pledge your life to one of the five Gods, omnipresent and watching over you.

Will you be a Dwarf? A Griffon? A Werewolf or Vampire? Perhaps the
ever-rising Phoenix? As you grow and are reborn in this Time, your choices grow greater and more powerful.

How will you live the Time you have? Become powerful, wealthy - strive only for the greater good - or become a shadowy killer. The role you play in this World is your choice.

Come now to the Storms of Time, and be swept into the dominion of a world filled with challenge, strength and subterfuge. You decide which path you will take.

Are you brave enough to walk it?

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